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Professional golf lessons and instruction in Cincinnati. Cincinnati's premier indoor golf training facility. One on one custom packages.


Golf Lessons -Our coaching programs are tailored to the individual and focus on helping you achieve your goals. We are committed to your success and provide the most value in Ohio and use state-of-the-art technology at no additional charge. If you live in greater Cincinnati, we're conveniently located on Kemper Rd. in Sharonville. Par is Good. 1 Under is Better. Be Better!

  • Are you new to the game and want to learn fundamentals?

  • Are you a competitive athlete or an aspiring collegiate player who wants to perform better in tournaments?

  • Are you an experienced golfer but need to improve on a skill?

  • Are you looking for a place to practice with purpose?


All new coaching programs begin with an evaluation that includes a physical screening, video swing analysis, and a putting report.

Definitely seeing a difference due to the work the past 4 months and finally back to enjoying the game. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
— Mark

Our technology

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst

Video swing analysis with high- speed cameras, slow motion playback, and side-by-side comparison


Foresight GCQuad

Launch monitor that displays ball and club performance. Test your skills, practice at the range, or play 18-holes


SAM PuttLab

Complete 3D analysis of putting aspects



Real time ground mechanics, force and pressure data

I can see what each club’s doing, from club data to ball data and how that’s affecting the flight.
— Rickie Fowler

The key to success is a customized plan

  1. Schedule an evaluation

    2. Allow us to create a customized plan

    3. Lets execute your goals together